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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size is my HDPE?                                                      IPS - Iron Pipe Size, CTS - Copper tube size, DIPS - Ductile iron pipe size. Measure the Outside diameter and refer to the charts listed above or below.        

  2. What is SDR?      Standard dimension ratio refers to the wall thickness of the pipe. It compares the nominal Outside Diameter to the pipe’s minimum wall thickness. The DR, or dimension ratio, is a term that is interchangeable with SDR

  3.  What is OD and ID?   (Outside and Inside Diameter) The majority of HDPE pipe produced is controlled by the outside diameter and wall thickness tolerances. This results in an “average ID”, but it will vary with OD and wall thickness tolerances.


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The Alliance for PE Pipe is devoted to sharing the features and benefits of smooth walled pressure pipe to benefit the municipal water and wastewater industry. The Alliance conducts roadshow events and seminars, publishes articles and assists engineers and municipalities as they plan HDPE projects.


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Machine Spec Sheets

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