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Tooling and Trailers

Rainmaker is an authorized distributor for many of the leading equipment manufacturers related to the polyethylene piping industry.

  • Sales, rental and service for electrofusion equipment

  • Sales, rental and service for squeeze tools

  • Sales and rental for Sweetwater Line Tamer trailers and Spool trailers

  • Sales and rental for Reed pipe cutters

  • Sales for RKI Gas Detection equipment

  • Tooling for butt fusion, socket fusion, Sidewall Fusion, Electrofusion (EF) and mechanical

  • Sourced From the industries most trusted manufacturers

        Rainmaker's team of polyethylene specialists have well over 400 years combined industry experience. Our team's background include: gas distribution fitting manufacturing, polyethylene technical specialists, lab technicians, training specialists, and over 40 years combined in- field polyethylene project, installation, and mechanical experience. Call and let us help find the right tool for your job.


Electrofusion Processors

  • EF Processors in Stock 

  • Tip Adapters for Multiple Brands of Fittings

  • Calibration completed at our shop

  • Training and Service after the Sale

Electrofusion Scrapers & Peelers

The top EF scrapers and peelers, from the top manufacturers, in stock at our location.  Single size, multi-size and kits for sale or rent.

Electrofusion Tooling

Clamps, Tap Tee Handles, and Multi-clamp kits in stock


Rainmaker Proudly offers Sweetwater Trailers with McElroy LineTamer® for sale or rent


Rainmaker HD-14 Pipe Trailer 

  • Rainmaker designed unspooling trailer

  • Heavy Duty, Shop Made 

  • For 1"- 4" PE  Pipe Coils

  • Will Handle 4" SDR 7 Coils 

  • IN STOCK, Includes Title


Manual and Hydraulic Squeeze tools in stock

Plastic Pipe Tools, Cutters, Wrenches, Vises, and much more...



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