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Polyethylene Fittings

Rainmaker maintains a fully stocked warehouse of high density (HDPE) and medium density (MDPE) polyethylene fittings in strategically located Shawnee, OK. Our staff has over 400 years combined experience with all types of fusion and mechanical fittings for PE piping systems.

  • Fitting types include butt fusion, socket fusion, electrofusion and compression

  • Able to meet requested industry standards including ASTM D2513, ASTM D3261, ASTM D3035, AWWA C906, FM1613, and NSF 61


Butt Fusion Fittings

  • Available in High Density Polyethylene  (HDPE), PE4710/PE100, 

  •  Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), PE2406/PE2708, SDR 10/11

  • 45 deg, 90 deg, tee's, crosses, wyes, long radius sweeps, and more...

  • Our Industry's most trusted brands

  • Largest Fitting inventory in the country ready to ship

  • Molded fittings available up to 12” IPS; fabricated fittings available in all sizes

  • Wall thicknesses (SDR’s) SDR7, SDR9, SDR11 and SDR17 (other SDR’s available upon request)


Socket Fusion Fittings

  • Available in High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), PE4710/PE100, 

  • Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), PE2406/PE2708

  • Couplings, 90 deg, tee's, reducers and more..

  • Socket X Brass Transitions 

  • In Stock and ready to ship today or come in and let us help educate you


Electrofusion Fittings

Electrofusion (EF) Couplings, Branch Saddles, Tapping Tees, Corp Saddles, Sewer Saddles and more...


MJ Adapters & Accessory Kits

MJ kit

Flange Adapters and Back-up Rings

Valve Spacers & Blind Flanges


Transition Fittings

  • Threaded, weld end, and (Vic) grooved transition fittings in stock

  • Coated carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or brass transitions in stock 

  •  12" Weld End Transitions in stock

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Gas Risers & Steel Compression Fittings In Stock

2408 Riser

Kerotest POLYBALL® polyethylene ball valves for natural gas reflect a 100-year commitment to the gas distribution industry. These valves are American made, supported and distributed, with ample inventory at all times. 


Tracer Wire & detectable tape

  • For Gas and Water

  • Tracer Wire in 500' & 2500' Spools 



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Reed wrench
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Mustang DBS-24
GFCP EF Peeler
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